Friday, March 31, 2006

Never Settle! A word to Singles!

This morning I woke full of the word as it relates to marriage. It's really no coincidence. My spiritual father delivered a powerful word about relationships and the the types of problems that exist in covenant marriages last night. I came home with the tape consuming it. I listened to it in the bed last night and when I awoke early this morning and once more since then. It was such a revolutionary word. For anyone that heard it, it was life changing. I say that not to simply brag on my man of God. He is the best--that's true. Other people can say that and it still wouldn't be true. I can say it because it is the absolute truth!

But the message...was about soul mate marriage. It has been a great misconception about the existence of that one true person that we were all created for. I have read in a ton of places that authors doubt the existence of a "soul-mate". They tell you to be "realistic" because it doesn't exist. I really don't know how Christians doubt that because Genesis chapter 2:22 states that Eve was taken out of Adam. Duh... that would make her his soul mate. It didn't make them a perfect people. They still encountered problems. It simply meant that they were created for one another. If they are our example of how we are created in eternity, we are created with someone. To validate this point, we have to first go back to Genesis 1:27 when It says that he created man-which is not relative to gender but species-because the verse goes on to say that he created him-male and female he created them. Now, since we were created together that means that there is someone specifically made for each one of us.

Now if you read Song of Solomon, which happens to be one of the most unread books of the bible, chapter 3 details the woman's search for the one that her soul loved. It's powerful. Now the scriptures were written for our learning (Romans 15:4) So that let's me know that When God gave the scriptures to be written, he not only gave a word but an example in the word so that we could "live" the word. When I say that I say that because he could have had any of the life stories recorded of the people that are listed in the genealogies. but he chose specific ones that were the best example of what he wanted to convey to us. I remember when I was first saved, I couldn't see how that "book" was going to be relevant to me in my life in the current age. I was clueless because when you begin to delve deep into the word, you'll see how closely your life really is as it relates to the word. It's like reading a personal journal sometimes. How many of us haven't cried out to God like Hezekiah when he was told he was going to die due to his illness and been saved? Or how many us have found ourselves having a "David day" dancing with all our might before God singing his praise?

Now what I found most incredible about the message was that it's a common mistake to think that we have to settle for people who we figure will be just about the best we can get. So then we have people married but merely existing later on. They stay because they have children or for financial reasons or because of fear. He talked about people laying in bed at night longing for the one their souls loved! Now once you have a word like that spoken it's then your time to acknowledge the truth as it relates to your life. You have to ask God what part of that word is for you. People often go off the deep end taking a word meant for someone else as theirs. So you have the word, then you go before the father and you talk to him about the word. He'll let you know what you need to do if anything.

For single people they are given a unique opportunity to WAIT for the one God has created them for. Single people need to stop being impatient and wait on God! The purpose of marriage is not sex! Malachi 2:15 says that he made us produce Godly seed. Listen we are not smart enough to choose for ourselves. If we were, we would have hit the mark the first relationship we had, and been married--happily already. It does happen, but it's rare. And if it did happen, it was God-don't fool yourself! The average person has been in at least 5 relationships of our own choosing. Meaning initially, you were hesitant about them--never quite settled about the hook-up from day one. God should be given the unique opportunity to choose a mate for us since we have already failed in that area (and others).
Just wanted to share-this was just thought...More to come later.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

This is my first post. I have been viewing these blogs for a while and for the most part have been quite entertained by some of the things that I have priviledged to see. There are some really great blogs out there and then...well it's an expression if creativity to say the least.

This blog is a place to share on a daily basis some encouragement, laughter and of course the word. I have to start off by saying that I am a fanatic for G-d! I can't get enough of his word. I remember when there was a time when I wasn't like that. (Especailly since it was only a couple of years ago) But I found myself a new church. It was just that simple. The man of G-d that I have been given ignites a passion for G-d that is unusal. It's the level of understanding and revelation that he gives you of the word. It drives you to seek and study and know. I can honestly say I was just kinda "playing church". I had my bible, I wore the right clothes and sang the songs of Zion. But I had no idea of how to see that word show up in my life. How to see the promises manifest. Too many of us are experiencing that and don't know what ot do about it.

So I am blessed beyond measure. I almost feel sorry for people who don't have that desire driving them, making them zealous. I happen to believe it's mainly as a result of where they fellowship. The word given to us has to be able to destroy yokes and remove heavy burdens. I don't want 3 points and a close--I need to grow-I need change! I need to know how to make what you gave to operate in my life.

So, I just want to encourage anyone who's trying to grow in him on a daily basis and yet you feel stagnate, to just pray about where you are. It's one of a few things--because you can't go higher than where you are. The law od Genesis states that every seed bears after its own kind( Genesis 1:29)--in your church you are a seed.
If it's not your church it may be...
#2 your associations--meaning your friends, co-workers, and yes even family--whoever you spend the bulk of your time with. Because again you can't rise any higher than your associations. If people are not increasing you, they are decreasing you. Proverbs 13:20 says " He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed ." It's really that simple.
Or it could be...
#3 You! Yep it can quite frankly just be you. To grow in the things of G-d it takes dedication and diligence. You have to make him priority above all. If he's not first, in all ways--that will hinder you from growth. I have learned to give him the first-fruit of my day--that means up to spend a couple of hours praying and studying the word. It's the example of Jesus--see Mark 1:35. Are you woking the word given to you?

I really didn't expect to go here on the first post, but I am just being me. Well I have to go---more to come another time. Be blessed and I hope I brought some encouragement to your day!