Saturday, April 22, 2006

Are you a liar?

I have to first say that I am the first partaker of this message. So this is not my intent to lash out at anyone in particular. I write this to remind and to teach. I was reading in the book of proverbs chapter 17 where in verse 4 says that "A wicked doer giveth heed to false lips; and a liar giveth ear to a naughty tongue". Now you may ask what does this mean practically? This means that you allow others or even the adversary to speak negative things to you and they go unchallenged. Or you yourself do it. To allow anyone to speak contrary to what you want to see show up in your life is to partake in a lie. You give heed to false lips!

Now I will probably get under someone's skin when I say this, but...Most of us are liars. How is that? If you are walking with G-d-meaning you are saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost--if you are not mature--you are more than likely still a liar. I say that because most of us say we are believing G-d but then when circumstances seem to get the better of us we speak contrary to the word of G-d as it relates to those circumstances. You can not expect to see the manifestation of a promise in your life and then speak against what the word of G-d says. You see, the thing about lying is that we assume that it means something as it pertains to gossip or hearsay.
That's only part of it. Lying is speaking anything that is not true. The problem with a lie is that it always has an element of the truth somewhere in there. Your head may hurt but you need to claim healing because that's what the word says you are. Healed! So then what is truth? The scriptures say that G-d's word is the truth (John 17:17)--truth meaning it is the highest form of reality.

Even when you say that you are healed--though you have yet to come into the manifestation of perfect health--it is the truth because the natural or physical things we experience are temporal (2 Corin 4:18). Temporal meaning they are subject to change. Temporal things are not real. If they were they wouldn't be able to change. What you have to understand is that angels are the reapers of your harvest. They are in charge of bringing into manifestation those things that you and I are standing on the word for. (see Matthew 13:30, v39) How do they do that? They adhere to the words that you speak. (Daniel 10:12) Now we know that words created the universe (Genesis 1 and Hebrews 11:3)--therefore words create our circumstances and situations. What do the angels hear you saying? Does it line up with the things that you should be saying or are you lying?

The mark of maturity is to understand that every word out of your mouth means something. So that means you don't just say ignorant things. You must know it and practice it! You understand that you are operating in a law--what you say will come to pass if you say it enough. Thank G-d the system works this way. Imagine if we said it and it showed up! Now that would be wonderful on a good day--but what about if we messed up and said something both negative and stupid? That's why this may sound odd for me to say but I would really like to talk to 50 Cent and tell him that if he continues to call himself that he will eventually be reduced to that. He needs to change his name to 50 billion or something. I know he has worked too hard to want that to happen.

The bible says that wisdom crieth in the streets (Proverbs 1:20). Therefore we can very easily find an example there for what we want to avoid and learn from it. Let's take the actor Redd Foxx for example--most of us watched week after week as he pretended to have a heart attack and that's exactly what he died from because there is no comedy in the spirit realm.

You cannot say that G-d knows what you mean--he only knows what you say. The saints say all the time that they are calling those things that be not as though they were(Romans 14:17) not understanding that the law works both ways! All I can say is--let's line up with the word.

My next post will cover "Lashon Ha-ra" --evil communication.

Be blessed!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My father does it again!

I have to tell this because I love to brag on my father and the things that he does for me all the time. He is just awesome like that! Last night in service my spiritual father blessed with me and my husband with the gift that just keeps on giving! In 3 months my husband and our children will be moving to a home of our own. For some people that may not be a great feat but last year we had serious setbacks after a bout of disobedience that cost us our home that we were living in with an option for purchase, as well as our brand new suv. We hit the bottom. We had to go back to living in an apartment.

Now there is nothing wrong with an apartment--in fact we were blessed to find a great high-rise in mid-town that was not only lower in rent,with more space than the house were in, it has 3 balconies for us to enjoy the scenery and great weather, and it was also energy efficient with a somewhat set utility bill--all for a mere 700.00 a month. We were blessed. Not to mention that we had such great favor with the apartment manager. We love it here. Time has passed and we are ready to go now. We knew that. We knew when we came this was temporary. So we are house hunting.

Friday we went to the bank to take care of some business and we inquired about the mortgage that we had already pre-qualified for last year but decided to wait before we found what we wanted and not what we are willing too accept. Too many saints are settling for things that G-d would never desire for us. If your money can do it/qualify you for it, it's not G-d. It does't require his hand and it's not a faith venture. He tells us that whatever is not of faith is sin (Romans 14:23). I know people would disagree, but you are entitled to do so--keep arguing with it while I am blessed because I know it and you simply think it! Nevertheless, prior to going to service last night we talked about our father doing something great for us and that we were planning on beginning the packing process early to be prepared.

At the end of service, during the offering, as I went to pay my tithes my spiritual father--a man I have only had one other conversation with and that was last year during a time when he prophesied to my daughter who is 12--he told us that he was going to pay our rent for the next 3 months and that G-d said to get ready for a house! What a confirmation! Prophesy should always be a confirmation and it is designed to edify. We needed that word because even though we were already making plans to move--in faith--we needed to know that we were on the right track with what he wanted us to be doing. Not only that, the finances that we will have extra now, were a confirmation of a business venture that I was entering into. I had told the father that if he wanted me to move forward, the money that I need would come forth! And it has, Praise God!

Now unlike some saints, no one knew this information but me and my husband and my oldest daughter. We don't rattle off our business like some people do. The word says have faith to yourself( Romans 14:26) We are obedient to that. Everyone in the church is not happy for you to be blessed, as sad as it is. The word also tells us in Ecclesiates 5:1

Keep thy foot when thou goest to the house of God, and be more ready to hear, than to give the sacrifice of fools: for they consider not that they do evil.

We didn't have those warnings when we were at the club! People bought us drinks there and picked us to go! But that's another post... Nor is our spiritual father like other preachers in town, that feel they have to be in touch with his people. He doesn't stand around talking to people after service nor is he common with any of us. Sound impersonal? Well just know that he has his reasons and so whenever he gets up to preach, he has our word in his belly. He is so in tune with with the father that he never fails to answer any question that we have especially those that are usually ones that are just between us and God. So we never have to doubt that how he knows what he knows. He teaches us things that other pastors wouldn't dare teach or say and in the simplest of terms so we can take the word home and live it without struggling to maintain holiness or integrity. He's a prophet. The very best prophet. I just thank God for the privilidge of having him.
I just wanted to share that. I am so happy and still a little shocked. But happy!

Be blessed. Chosen