Sunday, September 17, 2006

All things are Possible...
I have arrived in Denver. I love it already. The streets are a little confusing, but I think that's just because I am not used to it. I figure I will have it mastered by the end of the week. After all there are signs everywhere to get me to where I am trying to go.
I have been here for two days and already it feels like home. Growing up moving from one place to another allows me to adjust rather easily. I love looking out my window and having the mountains frame my view. I can even see snow on the peaks. It's absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to put some pictures up! I went shopping yesterday and the weather was great. It was bright and sunny (so sunny in fact that shades are a requirement) I should have known the sun thing, after all I am up 5,000 feet! Duh... There was light breeze flowing that made for a comfortable shopping trip. Which is definitely a plus because all that humidity in Memphis made it a chore to do it even when I was glad to just be able to go and buy groceries or whatever. With kids in tow complaining about the heat while having to jump in and out of a hot car you can lose all enjoyment of it quickly.
As I was riding in the car looking out the window, I asked G-d what would make him choose to create the mountains. I was really just talking to myself, but I heard in my spirit that just looking at them allows us to believe that all things are truly possible. And I looking at them, I feel exactly that way. It's like a faith boost or something. I look out there and I know that those huge pieces of rock and dirt are significant in that nothing I face is as big as that.
I needed a fresh start when I came here. If it's a season or genuinely the place that I will reside for the rest of my life, I am not sure of that yet. But right now, I have been given exactly what I desired and what I needed. G-d wanted me to look out the window every day smiling and enjoying what I saw. He wanted me to be happy. For that I am truly grateful. I haven't smiled this much in a long time, nor have I laughed as much as I have. I laughed the entire trip out here even as long as it was with the kids cranky and all of that. I just would not have imagined that moving would be this fun. Even thinking out how much stuff I have to do or even what has to be put away, doesn't even phase me. I have already looked at several houses, but I am not in a hurry. I am learning the extra bonuses of waiting on G-d and his timing for me.
What fascinates me the most is that 6 months ago while pre-packing boxes, I never imagined that I would be unpacking them here. G-d is so awesome that way. I love that he takes care of even what seems minute or insignificant. He knew that I loved the outdoors and all things like that and he has placed me in a place where I can actually enjoy it. I am also reminded that allowing him to lead, leads to what I need and not always what I think I want. Even if it doesn't seem to make sense to me, he sees farther than I can. This move didn't seem to make sense at first. I was doubtful even up until the last moment. But, here I am. Happier than I could have imagined and ss LadyLee would say "skipping along like a smurf".
Be Blessed.