Monday, January 01, 2007

New Beginnings…

Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them. Isaiah 42:9

So it’s a New Year. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season. I enjoyed myself a great deal more than the last couple of years. I enjoyed the shopping, the cooking and even the last minute gift wrapping.

I know this is the period of time in which most of us take stock and reevaluate all the things that happened to us over the last year and take time to make adjustments for this year. I have been working on a list of 100 things I want to accomplish this year. There are so many areas of myself that I continue to work on daily that will surely be added to the list. I was going to share it here but it has become deeply personal and I didn’t want to bore anyone. I intend to love harder, laugh more and partake of a lot more rest this year. I will cook healthier meals, spend more time with my children individually and be a better wife.

In this New Year, I also intend to revert back to my original format that initially used when I started this blog. I am a teacher. I love to teach, encourage, and edify. So that’s what I will do here this year. If the word cuts, then I teaching the way I have been taught to do so. It is however not a judgment or criticism. We tend to think that when we feel convicted or it hits a soft spot. I’m going to write what I glean from my prayer time, study and from any area that G-d is dealing with me personally.

To start the day off right I decided to share the 3 most important lessons I learned this year from my experiences:

#3 G-d’s timing is key to everything.
I attempted to do some things out of his timing this year and was confronted with a great deal of unnecessary grief. I decided that I was ready to go in a direction that he had neither prepared me for nor sanctioned at the time. When God wants us to do things his way is perfect. There is no anxiety or fear. I made my decision based on what I felt and what I wanted not what he wanted for me. When the time is right I will embark on my journey again, with his blessing the next time around.

#2 Maturity is a must.
I have some things on my prayer list that have been there for quite a while and I finally understand that if I don’t have it yet—either it is not ready for me or I am not ready for it. I lack maturity in my character, my circumstances or the timing is off. I have seen a ton of things come and go in my life because I got it before my character or my situation could maintain it.
#1 Keeping G-d first is a must.
My daily prayer/word time is of the utmost importance. I understand that I can’t make the best decisions without that word in me. The more time there, the less likely I am to make decisions based on my flesh. But more than that, keeping him first means that I seek him first for all things and accept his word as first, last and final authority. I find that keeping him first is very hard on the flesh because it takes humbling oneself to seek him, stay there long enough to hear what he has to say back and then be obedient to what he says. Coincidentally, this is one of the 2 keys to maturity. Earlier in my walk I made some choices that I felt were his but they violated his word. Looking back, I know they were flesh decisions. I didn't understand his ways then and so I missed it big time. The more time we spend out of his word, the more we fall back into old patterns and even lose ground in certain areas of our deliverance. We become disconnected from him and even the worlds way becomes our way as well. Therefore we adopt a counterfeit life. I.E. one that was not his will nor purpose for our life.
But again, keeping him first its very hard on the flesh and we tend to get bored from time to time with this. It’s then that we need renewal in our walk.

When I need spiritual renewal, I fast. It’s the only thing I have found to shift me back into a place of total consumption. It sorta “unclogs” me from a place of discontentment. Fastng is more about getting the spirit to receive the word from G-d to carry us through. The way my SF taught me to fast is the way the Jews fast and it has never failed to help me.

Well, enough said for now. I pray that this is the best year ever for everyone.
Until next time, Be blessed.