Saturday, April 29, 2006


I was driving today through Belvedere today and it was raining and it was so beautiful that I thought about heaven. It was full of blooming trees and deep green grasses. I imagined what it must be like there. Actually I happen to know. It's just like earth only minus the sorrow and the sin, flesh and blood.

We are spirits in flesh containers. Why-- because we are created in the likeness of father and in his image--God is a spirit. Man existed before the body was formed from the dirt--but all of this is another message, for another time. (Genesis 1:27)

If you wonder where I got that heaven is just like here, it's from the writings of Enoch. If you also wonder why I mention that it's because they are scripture according to Jesus, his brother John and others in the bible. There are plenty of other books not in our canon, that are mentioned, but that are talked about in the word. But if Jesus can quote Enoch, so can I. (see John 7:38) After all he was/is our our example.

Nevertheless, I think about heaven because it's my home. When I return it will be familiar to me and things will come back to me. places I have been, people I have known. I really don't want to be technical in this post, but I feel that I have to because everyone may not know some of this stuff. Hebrews says if we are mindful we have opportunity to return. (see Hebrews 11:15) can't return somewhere you have never been. My home is heaven. I am here, born into this realm for a divine purpose. When it is fulfilled, I will go home. So I think about it a lot. Who i'll see, places i'll visit, what my house looks like when I get there. Surely full of all the things I love because Jesus said he was preparing a place for me and no one knows what I like better than my father!

But heaven...think of it--you don't have to fight the enemy like we do here. I know I'm going because Jesus said he never lost one except one that wasn't his to begin with (John 17:12). And once forgiven, always forgiven. The fabulous thing about G-d is that he forgave us for past, present and future sin. You can never do anything that he won't forgive you for. You can't do anything to keep him for loving you--he is love.

I am G-dly jealous of anyone who is already in the presence of the father. Welcomed back home.

Heaven...think about it.
Be blessed.

(for further info on other books written not inour cannon of 66 see-- 2 Chronicles 9:29, 2 Chronicles 12:15, Numbers 21:14, Joshua 10:13, 2 Samuel 1:18, 1 kings 11:41, 1 Kings 14:19, v. 29, 15:7, v. 23, v. 31, 16:5, 1 kings 16:14, v. 20, v. 27, 22:39, Act 7:42, for a few examples).