Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Checking myself…
Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. Philippians 4:11

G-d is so awesome! I have to tell you that I am so blessed by His parenting and His care of me. I’m about to transfer to another center within my company for better pay and scheduling. I am really looking forward to it simply because I know that my talents will be better utilized there. My job is fantastic, I absolutely love it! I had been a little frustrated because from time to time I have been discouraged from going above and beyond or from wanting to do things the way I was trained to do them. I decided that I was going to do me and work as unto G-d and not complain or care what others thought. A couple of weeks ago another center called me and asked if I wanted to come over there. I gladly accepted. Better pay, better hours and I will be in the center that was originally my first pick anyway. A couple of weeks went by and I hadn’t heard anything and I begin to wonder when or how and for a moment even IF. The offer was so good that I wondered if I dreamed it. I decided to let go. After all, delay means there are some lessons in there somewhere that I needed. I knew that it would be just a matter of time before G-d moved me. Finally this week, the Area director came and talked to me and not only offered me the job at the other center but she offered me another promotion that I will be training for as well. I was really shocked because I thought that I was waiting for one thing and got something much better!!!!!!!!!

But through the process, I realized there are some lessons in this period of time that should be used in any life situation. Back in the day when preparing to move from one place I would stop giving my best, sort of saving my time and energy for the new place with people that I thought would appreciate me. In hindsight that was very immature and I missed some things back then. Like for instance, You have to continue to give a 110% as if you were in the place you are preparing for. Every act is a seed and we know that seed bear after their own kind. I want a harvest of giving my all, so I’ll continue to give it regardless of whether I get it back or not. The harvest is coming, it just may not come from the placed I’m sowing it.

Another thing with that is that G-d uses people to mature us. Part of the maturing process was to be able to look past people to reap the blessing of the place I am in. I always remind myself that the people I work with are not the company I work for, they are EMPLOYEES just like me. I work with them. Sometimes people can’t handle your “shine” and so they try to discourage you from being great. Just because they have lost their zeal for the job they do, doesn’t mean that I will allow their mess to rub off on me. I smile and keep moving. G-d uses them to work the kinks out of me. I’ve noticed by watching them, I learn what not do and even pick up some things that I can use along the way. Reminds me of Jesus and his disciples. Though he knew who the betrayer was He never called him by name because quite frankly, there was a little of Judas in all of them. I love how they all begin to wonder if it was them which lets me know we have to check ourselves every once in a while. In the midst of this, I learned that because I value me and the work I do, I could care less if the people working with me do or not. They don’t issue promotions and they don’t sign my check! If I always keep it in the perspective that at all times I am working for G-d in this place, I can handle anything and anyone.

Another thing is you have to learn to be happy, really happy wherever you are despite people, situations and obstacles. If you can be happy in place that’s far from perfect you can be happy anywhere. Most people expect to be a little unhappy or unsatisfied without the things or circumstances that they are waiting never fully understanding that’s the lesson G-d is trying to teach us during those times. In being happy with my life as it is today, in being grateful for every rough place, every day that was less than perfect, I won’t have any problem continuing to be happy when I arrive at my next destination. If you can’t be happy in the mean time you really won’t be happy later. Real happiness, I’ve discovered is in Him. It’s taking simple joy in the life that He gave, therefore understanding your value to Him and His love for you. I am happy with just Him. It’s so cool to realize that I am with my Father every single day and that He’s there to help in any situation. Besides it’s still the seed thing as well, So if I want happiness and contentment there, I have to have it here as well so that I can reap it later.

I believe that in the ability to be content i.e. able to live my life to the fullest not putting things of to a time of “when”, I am truly able to be mature of for things that I am waiting for. Are all of my days perfect, no. But I EXPECT to have great days every day. I expect things to be only good because scripture says that with G-d all things are possible. And since He’s always with me, I expect only the best. Do I still have emotional moments? Yes. I have learned to talk myself through them by reminding myself of who I am and what I am capable of. I re-shift my focus to all that is good in my life and that does it.

Finally, I have realized that just because situations can look like things that have happened to me before, it’s different this time. Something in it is different. Sometimes you can get so accustomed to the journey being the same that you miss the subtle differences along the way. The mere fact that we seem to be going down the same road again is because we missed the lesson in that situation the first time. Looking at a situation from a different angle often leads us to the thing we missed the first few trips around. What we find is our key to deliverance in this area. It’s surprising the things that you miss along the way. The being happy at all times was major for me. I wish I could describe all the ways its making a difference in my life, but I think it's intangible to anyone but me.

As always, Be Blessed.