Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Last Post as a Memphian....

Yes, folks this warrior is moving. To Denver, Colorado of all places! I am nervous, excited and ready for a fresh start in a new city. So this is my official last post as a Memphian. I can't really say that I will miss it as much as I thought I would. Being that I am originally from Maryland (Baltimore) and a former army brat leaves me with the ability to pack and move and with a sort of detachment. I have only lived here for the last 10 years so I will look back with fond memories and that's enough for me.
And since I will be coming back to the area once a month for minister's classes, it's not like I will be totally absent from the area. It's not like I could disconnect my SF. I am like the Shunemite woman, when it comes to him. Leaving his atmosphere does not mean that I am no longer connected to him.

I have been on a real roller coaster these last few weeks, emotionally, physically that it feels like everything is happening at once. But, I am still standing and still moving. I can not let all of this stuff affect my momentum. All things are definitely working for my good, I know that. I just have to remember that on the difficult days. It's maturing me to say the least. It kinda reminds me of my daughter in the pageant. Initially I hoped that she would win, but she was so assured of winning that she really didn't feel as though she needed to work as hard as everyone else did. Once I realized that was her issue, I was hoping that she wouldn't win so that the lesson wouldn't be lost. She wasn't mature enough for that prize. There are some prizes that though I really want them, I am too am not mature enough for them yet. So I am working on that.

I see that I have been dumped by many of my usual readers but after I get to Denver, I will definitely be able to go back to my regular posting schedule. I will be back on both blogs so stay tuned. I have so much to share that I am just bursting to write and post.

Until then....
Be Blessed.