Thursday, April 13, 2006


I love this season! I love the book of Exodus and the wisdom and inspiration that comes from the book. I don't celebrate Easter, because it's not biblical. (but that's another post) I do however celebrate Passover/Resurrection because they are. I love this time because when the children of Israel begin to make their departure from Egypt, they were given instructions on how to make their exit the best. There are some very important principles to gather from the testimony of the Exodus the Passover and later the Ressurection.

When they took the lamb it was a sacrifice unto G-d that allowed them and their households to be covered by the blood of the Lamb. It was so prophetic because in that one moment G-d was foretelling of the ultimate sacrifice that he would make with his son generations later. The sacrifice allowed things to "pass" from their lives and allow them to be renewed and clean despite all of their issues and problems. He was erasing their pasts and giving them a new beginning. He even tells them that this would be the beginning for them.

"And the LORD spoke unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying,
This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you" Exodus 12:1-2

It was the first step in their allowance for a relationship with him. We can't come to the father without acknowledging the blood of the lamb. With that one event everything that was in our lives, passes away and we are renewed. Where their sacrifices had to be done over and over again, year after year, ours was wiped clean one time. Not only that but the blood of the lamb covered their entire household, and it still does.

I love how G-d prepared future generations with the knowledge that blood could remove all sin and trespass. The key to any change is mind renewal. He not only presented that by sight and act, and meditation with the yearly sacrifice of the lamb, but he inspired various writers within the scriptures to continuously remind them of their exodus and the testimony of G-D's goodness to them. They were instructed to not only read it, but to hear it. (He gave them the law of meditation right there).You have to meditate on the truth until all doubt is removed from your mind that, that thing exists even if it makes no sense and you can't even see it. You have to see, hear and speak the word all the time.

They were instructed not to do any work on the 7th day. It was designed to be a day of rest and reflection. Sabbath is important to G-d. He wants us to learn to rest. Rest from work, from worry, from fear, from anything that has been weighing on us. I acknowledge the Sabbath because it's commanded. Initially I really didn't know what to do with myself, but now I read and study, pray. Enjoy myself. I work hard all week. Despite what people think, mothers who are at home do work! I homeschool 2 of my children--they are all learning, but you know what I mean--only 2 go to school. I am a writer. Writing is work. My schedule may be free form, but I still work hard at it. I need the Sabbath. Not to mention that the lesson I get from the children of Israel not honoring the Sabbath is bondage. Whenever we don't allow ourselves to rest from that which G-d is responsible for we are allowing the adversary to inflict us in a type of bondage. Your mind is never free from trying to figure things out yourself--what's G-ds role then? You are not operating in the system he set up that would allow you to be free from all of that.

The lesson of the Exodus and the Passover is that all the things that we are worried about are already done. We are responsible for following the instructions that G-d gives us to see the physical manifestation of those things coming to pass in our lives. The children of Israel had to do something--follow the instructions that they were commanded to do. They could have ignored G-d and stayed right where they were.

You have to understand the faith walk of their story. They were unfamiliar with G-d. They had been in Egypt so long that only the elders really knew who he was. That's why Moses was commanded to call the elders together to tell them what he had said(Exodus 3:16) . The elders were the ones keeping the memory of G-d alive within their society. They were the ones crying out to G-d for deliverance. The things that Moses did with the rod and the plagues didn't impress them even as powerful and mighty as they were. They were used to "magic" being performed by the Egyptian sorcerers. If they had been impressed all doubt would have been eradicated from them, but it wasn't. They followed the instructions by faith.

We have to operate just like that. Faith without works is dead. You have a part to play. If you don't act you won't see. You can't believe G-d for something and then think he's going to do it all. If you are believing him for a new job-you have to get out there and look and while you are looking ask him where the job is so that your looking won't be in vain. Somewhere in the midst of looking, it will drop into your spirit what you are looking for.
Their faith caused the Passover, and the exodus to come to pass in their lives. The exodus didn't occur in days it was a year later before they were able to walk away from Egypt. Deliverance takes time! They had to wait for their time to come and exist right where they were being faithful and maturing until things changed. But when they came out, they were rich, healthy, free from all bondage.
Ressurection is all about operating in the power of G-d. Jesus told us he would send us a comforter (John 14:26) . He sent us the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is Jesus without the flesh. He operates in us and through us. That's why it says we have this power in earthen vessels (2 Corin 4:7). In order for things to be ressurected, something has to DIE! We don't like that. We want change but without the death to our negative attitudes, words, thoughts, and ways. When death occurs in our lives, we'll feel it. Jesus felt what he was going through on the cross and he was able to bear it knowing the end from the beginning. We too must know that the death of anything will work out on our behalf.When Jesus ascended to heaven leaving the Holy Ghost, it worked out for our good. Only a few at a time could have had Jesus in the flesh. But now we can all have the Holy Ghost. Only a few would have been prayed for delivered and healed by Jesus-now the comforter is able to do all of that and intercede on our behalf. It worked out in our favor. So if people leave, G-d has someone better. If you lose some stuff, G-d has greater stuff coming! It's as simple as that.!
Celebrate the Passover and this season of Resurrection knowing that G-d can and he will do whatever he says!
Be Blessed. Chosen.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Father...

I study the word a lot. I don't say that to boast or because it means something to anyone but me and G-d. I do it because I am commanded to do so as in Joshua 1:8 and because most of all, I love it! I remember when it was more of a chore for me, than the pleasure that it is now. It took me a long time to develop this great love for the word that I have today. I remember the first time I bought a bible and was completely confused because I had never realized that there were that many translations. I didn't grow up in church like a lot of people did. I can count the amount of visits to church between my two hands prior to getting saved 7 years ago. I laugh at that time now because it's weird to see how greatly G-d has moved in my life.

I thank G-d for not having to undo tradition and man made doctrine that I see so many people in the body struggle with. When I got saved I entered as an empty vessel waiting to be filled. I struggled with study because I found that I couldn't understand how a book this old could be relevant to my life as it stood now. But so much time has passed since then, and I see myself in the pages of this book everyday. The fact that G-d has given me so much understanding and revelation to his word keeps me in his word. What keeps me in prayer every day is the fact that I am so thankful that he even wants to spend time talking to me about all this stuff he sees and knows about anyway. I can't believe I can qualify to be called his daughter.

It's been hard to grow to understand that he's my father because I was raised without mine. I expected him to disappoint me and even when I thought he had in the past, I can now look back and see how he simply looked further ahead than I was able to see. I spend time with him because I feel like I would disappoint him to be absent from our special time together. He would miss me too much. Time and again he shocks and amazes me of his love and his mercy towards me. I love him as if he's flesh but with a deeper appreciation because I know he's always there. I don't have to try to reach him through a long distance connection, make time to vacation to see him because I now live states away and writing him is optional but not necessary. I watch my children go to my husband when they are angry, frustrated, sad and happy. No matter what they've done, he welcomes them with open arms every time because they are his babies. Likewise my father treats me the same way. I know I disappoint him sometimes but he still loves me and welcomes me with open arms.

I have to tell you that I am so grateful that he has allowed me the gift of my spiritual father here on earth. People may have labeled me a church hopper because I couldn't seem to settle on one particular church for a while, but even as immature as I was my heavenly father knew I was searching for something far deeper than the average church. He gave me a prophet to raise me up and feed me with knowledge and wisdom. I didn't even know for sure that I was called to preach until I learned what (or rather who) that audible voice I heard in the middle of night was that used to rattle me awake. Not to mention that I thought was a "snooper" into peoples lives until I learned that G-d had given me the gift of dreams. (I thought I was psychic-so he helped :) So one of my pet peeves is church membership and the other is relationships within the body of Christ.

I thank my father for looking out for me in even the smallest matters that seem insignificant to others but are relevant to me--and him. Even as I continue to grow daily he keeps me strong even when I don't hardly feel worthy nor able to bear another moment of the life I created before I asked for his intervention. One of the things I love the most about him is how I am never going to catch him off guard with a decision that I have made. Knowing this keeps me from condemnation. Though I am having to deal with the consequences of choices that I made, and while waiting for deliverance to the next level, I have learned to embrace this time of "wilderness" so that when I come out, I won't ever forget what it was to make decisions minus his sanction. (Or even ignoring his advice). Even in this I have learned that he'll teach you how to operate in a bad situation so that you "sow" towards a future harvest. An earthly father wouldn't have had this much wisdom and insight. He wouldn't have had an answer for everything I go through. So I am not disappointed now that I didn't have what my children have. He's still been the best father to me that I could have ever hoped for or even deserved.
Just wanted to share. Be blessed. Chosen.