Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy! And other randomly directed thoughts…

“But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God. Acts 20:24

I have been in my new position for almost 3 weeks now. To borrow a phrase from Lady Lee, I have been “skipping along like a Smurf” every single day!!! Words simply can not express how much I love this job. It’s just keeps getting better and better! The company I work for is phenomenal! I love the people and I love what I do. I spent this entire week traveling out of town everyday just go through training. I had the best time and I have met some great people. The trainer actually told me this morning that I could go as far as I wanted to with this company—I was like whoa…(I’m still getting used to comments like that). I was speechless and in awe. It felt so good! Now, a year or so back, the travel time and getting home late might have been an irritation to me, it was simply where I was back then. I even I got lost from the map route given to me on Tuesday and I arrived home at 9:30 at night after leaving at 4:46 p.m.! But even then, I was still smiling and enjoying myself. I immediately thought that I was still able to see some more of Colorado that I had been planning to get to for a while now. And it was beautiful!

I am HAPPY. Not because of the job, people, money-none of that. I have finally gotten an understanding of just being satisfied with Him. Nothing tangible or external is the cause.**For those of you who knew in depth of the other issues back then before I got here, umm….yeah those issues are still there too** I am not even focused on anything negative. I believe that all of that will wash right out of my life in the right season. Whatever is not from Him has to go this year; it’s just a matter of time! Quite frankly, none of those things can move me. It requires more energy to focus on negative things than it does to simply stay focused on where I WANT to before 08’. Where I will be, before 08’. I still have my motivation-I do not believe in defeat! It’s simply impossible to fail with G-d!

Now, I was reading the comments from the last post and I was so tickled to see a question on “good and perfect” will. Anyone that’s been visiting over here for the last year knows that’s a post that could be never ending for me. Questions like that open up the “dam” so to speak.
Briefly though—the word “good” in the original language of the text means that nothing could be added to it, Like when He was framing the world with His words and he said after each day that it was good. After creating us—day 6 he said it was very good. Honestly, what could man add to anything that G-d has made to make it better? It’s so funny to me when I hear talk of scientists trying to create a better smarter baby/human—that’s so funny to me. It’s not necessary to create something that already exists in the highest possible form. To doubt that genius is in all of us whether it’s dormant or in full use is hilarious to me. If it wasn’t already there then the bible would be lying when it said that G-d is no respect of persons. Some having it and not all would be making a difference. It’s also like saying that man can create something that G-d couldn’t. We were created in His image and likeness—how could genius not be in all of us-duh! (I know that seems irrelevant, but I was sidetracked in that that thought).

Romans 12:2 is actually referring to 3 different levels of His will. Why do I say that—well Jesus said that none was GOOD but the Father-and in Genesis G-d Himself said that it was not GOOD that man should be alone and immediately after saying that, Eve was brought to Adam. So if “good” to G-d means that noting can be added to it, then Hmmm…that pretty much sums up the standard to what being in His good will is all about. Perfect will is about maturity. Why? Because we are told that we will be perfecting until the day of Christ and we are also told in James to let patience have its perfect work so that we may not lack anything. If His blessings add no sorrow with it, then just from comparing certain things in our life to that standard would clear away some clutter.

I happen to know that I am in some things that G-d has allowed or is rather perfect(ing) simply because I am rebuilding some confidence and develop some faith in some areas where I obviously still lack it. But, there will come a day when, I will trust completely in those areas and then I can take that giant leap closer to His acceptable will.

I could elaborate further, but for times sake I’ll have to do that at length on a different day if that doesn’t a least shed a glimmer of light on the question. And of course, as I always say, study it for yourself, take it to G-d and get your own word on it. I was again thinking about resurrecting the other blog or creating a new one. I’m still thinking it over.

I just wanted to answer the question and share the vents of my week with you.
Be Blessed.

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