Monday, November 06, 2006


When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up Psalm 27:10

I read this scripture this morning. It’s one of my favorite verses in the bible. I love it because it’s been true for me. I don’t have very much family left. Originally I am from Maryland and I have family there that I haven’t seen in at least 10 years. My mother lives back in Memphis as well as my older son. I have no clue where my father is and I have long decided to give up looking for him. At 32, I realized that I am done pursuing someone who has long since stopped pursuing me. G-d has been a better Father than I could’ve ever hoped to have. He’s enough.

Now, I have to tell you that G-d has been incredibly gracious to me in this area because when I got married I inherited this incredible family from my husband. My husband is the youngest of 6-three boys, three girls. These are the kind of people that have your back no matter what. I love them and without a doubt I know they love me. We laugh, shop, play games and watch movies together. We just enjoy spending time with another. That’s new to me. Before I came here I was hoping that my relationship with my mother would take a turn for the better and it would finally be what I needed it to be. It didn’t go over like that. So I am still in a sense, motherless. I love her—I believe she loves me, in her own *special* way. I’ve decided to let that be enough.

But these people embrace me, encourage me, believe in me and accept me. It’s special. Last night we came back from spending the weekend with my BIL and his family and I look in the bag and there is a sack of cut-up coupons. My Mother in Law had taken the time to cut out coupons for me that I would need in this season for things for the kids and the house. A small thing, seemingly insignificant but it was so sweet to me. My Sister in Law (one of them) is my closest friend. She came along at a very delicate stage in my life when I first got saved. She was right on time. She’s the only person I am able to be completely honest with in all things. We have that open relationship that I have had only heard described. Being a minister and being completely open is difficult because you can tell people certain things and it can impair your ability to speak a word to them or even befriend to them. Not so with her. We have to be honest with one another in some very difficult points and it has not changed the fabric of our relationship.

I am grateful that G-d would give me these people when I didn’t have my own. I am true witness that he will replace people in your life when you need him too. Like all families we have our moments, but we love one another enough to not hold minor stuff against one another. I have to say that my MIL has never interfered in my marriage, and she’s not overbearing or nosey. Certain siblings are meddling at times when they believe they are trying to help. And some of their spouses…well it’s not perfect. Out of 5 of his siblings, we have a core group that is phenomenal. I love em! They are what I would have wanted if I had known all of my own siblings—I have some somewhere and I am clueless of how many there are. Last count I knew of—I’m 1 of at least 6 myself. G-d is so gracious though. I can’t wait for the holidays to come. All of us in one place laughing having a good time—it’s going to be another great year. I am also thankful that my kids have the benefit of growing up in this family learning how it’s supposed to be with siblings. You love one another regardless.

On aside note I have been waking up with music in my head. This morning it was this song...
  • MINT
  • . This is my favorite band. I haven’t heard this song in ages.Wonder what that means. Anyone know?his is my favorite band. I haven’t heard this song in ages. Wonder what that means. Anyone know?

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    Sunday, November 05, 2006

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