Sunday, November 19, 2006

When things take a turn…

And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform. Romans 4:21

G-d is incredible. I just have to keep praising him because he is. The scripture says praise waits for G-d (psalm 52:9). So I have to keep praising him no matter what happens.

Now, since I have been here, plenty of things have not gone the way they should have. Too many things to list. Nevertheless, G-d continues to keep me from being disappointed, distressed or angry. I am rolling with the punches. Which is a new thing for me because whatever is supposed to happen--I like for that to happen on point. But that’s just my little “tick”.

I was supposed to move in my house this week, papers were supposed to be done and things would be completed. But…my husband decided to change his mind. Mmm hmm. Don’t ask me why, he was just suddenly convinced that he needs to go another way. Now I could blog about how pissed off I was because of that, but it really wouldn’t solve anything so I won’t go there. (I was really pissed off though). It’s takes a lot to piss me off, but this was something that we have been working on for quite some time and things were finally just right for it.

So again, G-d is wonderful. It’s all right. In another season, another time, I’ll get what I want. I can wait for it. It took about a day for me to get to that point, but when I did, I was at peace with it. I stepped back and realized that what G-d has promised he will fulfill. There may be some adjustments in how he wants to do it, when, etc…and that’s good enough for me. I also realized that it was a distraction to pull me away from all the other things I am trying to do right now. I am have an agenda and I don’t intend to allow anything to get me off track. My SF--who I miss dearly--would remind me that G-d knows the end from the beginning so I should rest in the fact that the promise will not return to me void. I’m going to go with that.

Now there are some other things that have happened that you would have never considered happening. I remember several years ago this prophetess telling me I was anointed to teach and that I should consider teaching other peoples children and not just my own. I laughed at her because finishing college was not on my agenda. And let’s just say, I really couldn’t see being patient with the parents keeping up with the lessons and following through with the work once they got home. However, I was thinking of how I would do things without availing myself to how G-d would have me do it. However, since I have been here, all I have been doing is teaching. My children and other peoples children. And I still have issues with parental consistency, but the bottom line is children being taught. I am learning to get over myself in this area. Reading his ways are not my ways simply doesn’t register sometimes until he shows me another way.

With that said, I am really looking forward to the holiday this week. I have my menu planned and I can’t wait to get started with the cooking. I want to throw in a few non-traditional things like fish tacos, egg rolls, and homemade pizza. But depending on the baking schedule, something may have to be omitted. I don’t think we’ll really need 8 kinds of cookies do you? The kids got carried away with their picks and I definitely don’t plan on being the only one working this thing out this year. More Sisters in Laws, should mean more help right? We’ll see. If I don’t get here again before Thanksgiving, I pray that everyone has the best holiday ever!

Be Blessed.